Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Working at the Movies: Meet a Digital Artist

If you want to make a movie, you need a camera, a story and some actors. These days, maybe you also need a computer. With the computer, you can draw some special scenes, and much, much more. Computer artists are called "digital" artists. These artists help make many movies today. Can you think of a few movies that have computer art scenes in them?

Maybe you are good at drawing or painting. Maybe you also like to do art on a computer. Then, you might be interested in a "Hollywood" job. You could draw monsters, spaceships, the future, or the past. In San Francisco, and nearby, there are some movie studios where digital artists work and help make popular movies. At City College, there are film classes, graphic design, and computer art classes.

Computer jobs are not only in science or business. They are in art, too. Watch this video interview with a San Francisco digital artist. Think about his job. Would this work be good for you or someone you know?

After you listen, try these exercises:

Auto Transmission Specialists

When you think about getting a job, people suggest you think
about questions like these:
  1. What are my skills?
  2. What am I good at doing?
  3. What work will I enjoy that pays a good salary?
  4. How much training or education do I have?
  5. How much training or education do I need to get?
Also, people suggest you think about practical questions like these:
  1. What kinds of businesses are strong in the U.S.A.?
  2. Which businesses are getting bigger?
  3. Which businesses have a lot of success, so I can be successful, too?
  4. What is good about owning a business?
  5. What is difficult about owning a business?
  6. What is better for me, to have a partner, or not to have a partner?
In this interview, we met a man who came from Vietnam. He told us that when he flew to Washington, D.C., he looked out the plane window. He said to himself, "So many people! So many houses! So many cars!" He thought for a minute. He told himself, "All these cars- I will be a mechanic and take care of cars. This will be a good job for me!"

He took some classes, and started a business. He spent a lot of time carefully. Now he has a partner, many good customers, and a strong successful business. He was thoughtful and practical, too. Watch this video about two automotive transmission specialists.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Job Satisfaction as a Nurse

Can you remember being sick and getting special care from someone? We have all been sick in our lives, and someone has taken care of us! Some people learn that taking care of sick people is the perfect job for them. There will always be sick people, so if taking care of the sick is interesting to you, that's great. You can take science classes, get some training, and get a good job. 

In this interview, you will listen to a public health nurse who takes care of people who are sick with one disease: tuberculosis. This is a very contagious and serious disease. He also says you need to be patient to do this job! Patience is part of many jobs. He will explain his education, experience, and responsibilities. He enjoys people, and he enjoys the challenge of communicating with people. 

In the United States now, many people believe we will have a shortage of nurses for a long time. So if this work interests you, you can take some science classes, and talk to some more nurses about their jobs. Find out about the salary and working conditions. If this looks like the career for you, you can get started with classes soon. We have nursing programs at City College and at San Francisco State University. You don't have to go far away to study! Nursing is a great career for men and women, too. 

Monday, March 10, 2008

Working as a Bookkeeper

Our last job video introduced you to a job in transportation. Our bus driver told us that we would need to be very patient to do this job and we would need to think about safety all the time. In this video interview, you will meet someone who is good at working with numbers in an office. She enjoys puzzles, and getting details in correct order. What about you, are you good at details? Do you love to get everything "correct?"

Everyone needs to take care of money. Bookkeepers and accountants are important in many kinds of business. They need to know something about computers in most offices, and they need to enjoy doing careful work. Sometimes they need to work long hours, but they always need to be correct. 

After you watch this video, you can think about this kind of work for yourself or someone that you know. Talk with a classmate about the answers for the questions below. You can watch again, and fill in the missing words to work on your listening skills. Click here for the listening exercise.

Listening for Information – Political Bookkeeper
After you listen, talk with a partner in class to check your answers. 

1. What is her name and what’s the name of her job?

2. What is a political bookkeeper?

3. How long has she been working in this job?

4. What experience did she have before that helps her in this job?

5. What training or education did she have that helped her in this job?

6. What classes, or training would she suggest for someone interested in this job?

7. And what kind of person would be good for this job?

8. What’s the most fun part of her work?

9. What’s the most challenging or difficult part of her work?

10. What is her busy period at work?

11. What is special or unique about her job?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Would you like to drive a bus?

When we ask young children, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" they have so many ideas. Some kids love transportation jobs: pilot, bus driver, astronaut. Some kids love medical jobs such as nurse, or doctor. Other kids like "dream jobs" such as football player, movie star, singer. There are so many choices.

This video introduces you to a practical man. As an immigrant, he decided  to find an interesting job he could be happy with, that paid benefits and a good salary. He decided to get a steady job while he learned more English. He considered working for two or three companies but then he decided to work for SF Muni. 

Listen to his story. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Looking for a Job

City College is a great place for you to study. San Francisco is a great place for us to live. It's expensive here, but it's so beautiful and interesting. I hope you will find a job you enjoy that pays you a fair salary so you can live here and be comfortable. It was hard for me to get a job at City College as a full-time teacher. I was a single mom for many years. My two daughters and I had a hard time until I got my full-time job. So, I almost gave up my dream to be a teacher, but I finally got my job. I understand how much you need a good job and a good paycheck!

Let's look at City College resources today that can help you out! You might find a job, or you might find a plan for how to get the job you want soon. Today we will look at job listings you can find online at the CDPC. These are jobs for CCSF students.

Click here to begin and then use our class handout to search for at least two jobs that are interesting to you now. Also try to find two jobs that you would like to apply for later, after you study English longer, or after you get more job skills.

Also, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the job listing pages. Read about how you can apply for one of these jobs. You will find the email address you need. You will read what information you need to send to apply for a job.

One more thing. Here is a listening lesson about jobs. Listen to the different jobs this man had in his life. We all need jobs, and he has many kinds of jobs.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Interview Tips

Watch this video with a woman who interviews people in San Francisco. Listen to her tips about how to do well in an interview. You can stop and start the video with your mouse. After you watch the video, write the missing words on the worksheet you can download. 

Go to the comments on this page. Write some ideas.

  • What is the best tip for you?
  • What do you have under your belt?
  • What company would you like to learn about?