Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Looking for a Job

City College is a great place for you to study. San Francisco is a great place for us to live. It's expensive here, but it's so beautiful and interesting. I hope you will find a job you enjoy that pays you a fair salary so you can live here and be comfortable. It was hard for me to get a job at City College as a full-time teacher. I was a single mom for many years. My two daughters and I had a hard time until I got my full-time job. So, I almost gave up my dream to be a teacher, but I finally got my job. I understand how much you need a good job and a good paycheck!

Let's look at City College resources today that can help you out! You might find a job, or you might find a plan for how to get the job you want soon. Today we will look at job listings you can find online at the CDPC. These are jobs for CCSF students.

Click here to begin and then use our class handout to search for at least two jobs that are interesting to you now. Also try to find two jobs that you would like to apply for later, after you study English longer, or after you get more job skills.

Also, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the job listing pages. Read about how you can apply for one of these jobs. You will find the email address you need. You will read what information you need to send to apply for a job.

One more thing. Here is a listening lesson about jobs. Listen to the different jobs this man had in his life. We all need jobs, and he has many kinds of jobs.

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