Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Auto Transmission Specialists

When you think about getting a job, people suggest you think
about questions like these:
  1. What are my skills?
  2. What am I good at doing?
  3. What work will I enjoy that pays a good salary?
  4. How much training or education do I have?
  5. How much training or education do I need to get?
Also, people suggest you think about practical questions like these:
  1. What kinds of businesses are strong in the U.S.A.?
  2. Which businesses are getting bigger?
  3. Which businesses have a lot of success, so I can be successful, too?
  4. What is good about owning a business?
  5. What is difficult about owning a business?
  6. What is better for me, to have a partner, or not to have a partner?
In this interview, we met a man who came from Vietnam. He told us that when he flew to Washington, D.C., he looked out the plane window. He said to himself, "So many people! So many houses! So many cars!" He thought for a minute. He told himself, "All these cars- I will be a mechanic and take care of cars. This will be a good job for me!"

He took some classes, and started a business. He spent a lot of time carefully. Now he has a partner, many good customers, and a strong successful business. He was thoughtful and practical, too. Watch this video about two automotive transmission specialists.

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